the dog convincer / You want to convince your dog then train him/her ……

the dog convincer

the dog convincerthe dog convincer employs a unique combination of acoustic sound inaudible to human beings. And the air that straight away stops unwanted behavior. It is a necessary tool to use in mixture with reward-based training methods. The convincer interrupts many unwanted behaviors. However, is most frequently used for the following:



Jumping up
Stealing food
Place avoidance

the dog convincer can be used efficiently to interrupt cats from stalking and catching birds. And to stop them from the usage of furniture as scratching posts.
Test the animal’s sensitivity by operating at a distance increased. More than one meter to start to direct the spray away from your pet’s face. Only use the dog convincer to interrupt a serious misdemeanor understand that timing is crucial. That it ought to solely be used whilst the misbehavior is occurring.

Ensure that you reward at once when the misbehavior has ceased, ideally. While the dog is performing a positive behavior make the shortest feasible burst due to the fact. The canister will relax with prolonged use. Work on convincer one conduct at a time and, as soon as this has been corrected. Then you can pass on to the next behavioral problem dispose of the aerosol responsibly when it is empty.

Do no longer incinerate, burn, or puncture the canister.

Finally, constantly make sure that training is fun and short, and constantly finish on a fine note. Don’t
use the dog convincer. Without first studying the instructions allow adolescents to use point without delay. Closer to your face or that of the pet Continue to use the dog convincer.

If your dog has an excessively anxious reaction or aggressive response use the dog convincer. On young doggies except in particular advised by using a qualified conduct specialist. Expose to temperatures exceeding 50 stages Celsius or vicinity in direct sunlight. And ensure you always maintain away from flames.

the dog convincer is a uniquely tremendous pet training device based on intensive research. The dog convincer works through releasing a convincing blast of air to redirect and focus the dog’s attention on you. Correct any horrific behavior. Excessive Barking, Aggression, Stealing, Digging, Jumping, Whining, Chasing, and much more!

the dog convincer features a sleek, contoured hand grip and expanded one-piece nozzle to continue the lifestyle of nice dog behavior control.

How to Correct:

The fine way to use the dog convincer in this scenario is to set the problem up and correct it. For instance, if your dog likes to steal food from your dinner desk. When you don’t seem to be around, set up the dinner desk with food on it. And secret agent on your dog from a nearby room.

Once the processes the food, shout a phrase that sounds like “Ahhhhggtt!!!”. And release a convincing, approximately one-second burst (blast) of air from the dog convincer. If you win a few of these precise battles, you will win the war!