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Brandon McMillan Lure Stick Training Tool by Petmate

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Brandon McMillan Stick Training Tool

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dog training stick

dog training stickdog training stick deal with praise device to help stop dogies from pulling at the leash. Clean grip clip holds treats without problems and lets in a dog to “comply with the deal with”. Chrome-plated, telescoping metallic tubing offers a robust and efficient way to lure and then stow. The easy-grip clip holds treats effortlessly and approves dogs to “follow the deal with”. Steel clip presents a convenient manner to stow lure stick whilst no longer in use.

Click your way to a well-behaved dog with the click stick. The all-in-one clicker and retractable dog training stick!
contact /dog training stick is a top-notch machine to assist you to teach your dog to “heel”, or to “visit bed”, or extra advanced training and tricks. Concentrated on is likewise recommended as a manner to get your misbehaving or concerned dog situated on something else (the target!). The Terry Ryan clicks stick functions a clicker constructed properly into a collapsible target stick. This click on / retractable purpose stick mixture way there’s one a great deal less piece of gear to drop, juggle, or lose.

advanced training

The click stick reaches the nose of short dogies even as the trainer is status.
The click stick can be used as a clicker when the rod is closed. The sound of the click stick is softer in tone than some clickers, which can also be advisable in working with sensitive dogs.
The covered training manual covers the following:
coaching manner, timing, loading, introducing the stick, stick presentation, shaping the contact, shaping behavior, random rewards, stimulus control & fluency, making use of focus on for a couple of uses, and alertness of the click stick.

Introducing the target stick to your dog

The target stick is a beneficial device for us dog trick walking shoes. Target sticks are incredible for luring or guiding our dogies into the various positions. We require from them when educating new dogs hints. This alleviates the need to forcefully drag your dog around by the collar. Plus the use of a purpose stick is some distance extra effective anyway. As quickly as you have charged up the clicker it’s time to introduce the intention stick with your dogs. Most domestic dogs take to the target stick with first-rate enthusiasm.” goal sticks help to guide your dog into the role. The clicker marks the habits to your dog’s thoughts”.


Introducing the goal persist with your dog is finished the identical way we instruct any new behavior. At the commencing, we make it quite easy for our dogies by way of way of rewarding small increments or portions of the completed behavior. We then steadily increase our expectations (what we require from our dog) and assemble the behavior step-with the aid of step.
The subsequent steps are an occasion of the way you can also educate your dogs to contact the intention stick with his/her nostril. It ought to take you some of the days or even weeks to work your manner thru the stairs below. All of it depends upon for your dog and your ability as an instructor.

There are five steps in dog training stick

Step 1:

maintain the target stick on your hand and function it a few inches from your dog’s nostril. Click and treat even the slightest interest in the stick from your dog – even a glance nearer to the stick is sufficient at this early degree.

Step 2:

preserve the intention stick inside the equal function just in the front of your dog’s nostril alternatively this time you will most high quality click and deal with a genuine movement towards the stick – a appear is not ample anymore.

Step 3:

yet once more keep the goal stick close to your dog’s nose. This time you maintain off with the press and deal with. Till your dog absolutely touches the aim stick with his/her nostril. If desired you could wave the stick around a chunk or dip it in peanut butter or cream cheese to make it extra attractive to your dog.

Step four:

Now that your dog is nudging the continue to be with his/her nostril. You may want to upload some other variables – one after the other. Flow the goal stick in addition faraway from your dog’s nostril and in specific positions (excessive, low, left and right). Also, exercise you’re focused on whilst your dog is in more than a few postures. (Status, sitting, mendacity down…) and in top-notch locations around the house.

Step five:

Now request that your dog touches the goal stick when it’s far transferring. (Your dogs must look at it) and when it is miles laying at the ground.


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