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4LR44 GP476A 4A76 PX28A L1325 6V Battery Alkaline for Dog Collar

£7.00 £5.59

 6V Battery Alkaline for Dog Collar 

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petsafe collar batterypet safe collar battery

4lr44 Alkaline pet safe collar battery is especially appropriate for excessive to medium drain battery operated gadgets. With stepped forward average performance, it provides you longer lasting electricity for company new popular transportable gadgets.
equivalent to: 4lr44, px28A, a544, 28pxa, 476a, 4g13, gp476, k28, v28, px28ab, l1325, 1414a, v4034px, px28L, k28l, l544, l544bp, v28pxl, 2cr1/3n, 2cr1-3n, cr28l, 1406lc, 2cr11108
application: dog bark collars, dogs training collars, dogs fencing collars, and all specific devices that call for this battery length

Patented water resistant battery module

Two 6-volt battery modules in line with package deal deal
lengthy shelf existence
call, chat or e-mail with our expert pet safe us-based totally purchaser care experts six days per week; they’re ready to help you and your pet alongside with your product wishes
pet safe logo has been a corporation major us producer of pup behavior, containment and way of life merchandise for the cause that 1991, helping tens of millions of human beings and pets each year

Three-volt battery for dogs collar
For pet safe bark control: p bc 00-10782, p bc 00-11047, p bc 23-10931, PBC23-10932 F
For PetSafe some distance off trainer: PDT00-10867.


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